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The new Investment Law 2014 announced by Vietnam Government on December 26th, 2014 has come into effect on July 1st, 2015. The new law introduces changes which include more opening policies for foreign investors to establish and set-up businesses in Vietnam.

What makes foreign investors hesitate to invest and set-up business in Vietnam? The administrative problems and lack of transparency; the inconsistencies in implementing the principle of freedom to do business.
Theoretically, the new Investment Law 2014 will resolve the above mentioned issues by offering a faster amendment mechanism on registering changes or issuing the new Business Registration Certificate or Investment Certificate. Generally, the process and procedures are expected to become more straightforward and convenient for foreign owned companies compared with 2005 Investment Law and the 2005 Enterprise Law by reducing the volume of paper and the administrative works.
In conclusion, the 2014 Investment Law will help clear up some of the confusions that accompanied the 2005 Investment Law and the 2005 Enterprise Law and their application, as well as ease and simplify the foreign investment process which, it is hoped, will promote business activities and investment into Vietnam. The investment of foreign investor into a Vietnamese company in certain situations would be treated in the same manner as a domestic investor that provides an opportunity to offer clients creative structuring solutions to facilitate investment in Vietnam.
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