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The cosmetics manufacturers and importers who are responsible for putting cosmetic on the market have the obligations as the following:

  • Be responsible for all contents declared in the cosmetic product proclamation report, for the safety, the efficiency, and the quality of the product; and guarantee that the circulated products satisfy all requirements of the ASEAN Cosmetic Treaty and the Appendix of Vietnam law;
  • Follow, discover, and confiscate immediately the unqualified cosmetic, as well as implement the confiscation announcement from the state authority office and inform to the state authority office about the confiscation; punctually deal with the consumer’s complaints of the cosmetic’s quality and compensate for consumer’s loss in accordance with the regulation; refund to the buyer the produced cost in the maintenance, transportation, and circulation process;
  • Report to the Medicine Management department – the Health Ministry within 07 days since the date receiving the first feedback from this side-effect in case finding side-effects which are serious and could damage the consumer’s life because of the cosmetic product’s quality;
  • File the Product Information File (PIF) in at least 03 years since the latest manufacture lot is put on the market and presented to the checking and inspecting functional office when requested;
  • Obey the Vietnamese Regulation and Law on the intellectual ownership. When having the conclusion of the state competent offices on the intellectual-ownership law-breaking label and industrial design, the organizations, the individuals must stop manufacturing, trading, and importing in order to conduct of changing the label and the industrial design as provided, and be responsible for refunding and resolving all damages (if any).
Besides, Vietnam law also provides that the organizations which manufacture the cosmetic must deploy to apply and satisfy principles, the “cosmetic good manufacturing practice” standard of the Asian Southeast Association Nations (CGMP-ASEAN).
Last but not least, the organizations, the individuals must conduct requirements of state competent offices about checking and inspecting the cosmetic quality, confiscating the violated cosmetics, and be entitle to complaints about the conclusion and the law-breaking judgment form in accordance with the law regulation on the complaint and the denouncement.
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