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What Lawyers Should Not Promise in Vietnam?

Lawyers in Vietnam have to follow the law in order to provide good legal services to clients.
In Vietnam, the law has continuously played an important role in the life and contribute to protect and maintain the stability and development of society. In the trend of integration of the world economy, the role of the law has once again been confirmed with a new level in order to contribute to promoting the integration of Vietnam into world economy and opens a new opportunity for those who are practicing law in general and lawyers in particular in Vietnam.
In general, lawyer profession in Vietnam has been a noble profession for the purpose of contributing to the protection of justice, while contributing to the socio-economic development. In reflection, lawyers themselves take professionalism as the basic foundation of the profession, and should always have the responsibility to self-improve skills and widen knowledge in various areas to meet the growing demands as Vietnam develops i.e. corporate, commercialinvestmentconstructionlabourdispute resolutiondebt recovery…etc.
Sometimes, when providing legal services to clients in handling disputes claim against damages for breach of contractual obligations, or obtaining licenses in setting up companywork permitstemporary residence cards, the customer has requested a lawyer to promise and guarantee the results of the works.

The lawyer, whom represents the client to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the client, has to follow the law, and the ethics. Responding to the request of the client to promise and guarantee the result, the lawyer shall refuse because the outcome of such will depend on the facts and legal grounds of the matters.
The lawyer shall collect comprehensive information from the client then analyze possibilities of outcome. Lawyers should not promise the results or the percentage of success which could potentially lead to the wrong decision made by the client. If the results are not as customer’s expectation, it will be a great loss to the prestige, and the image of lawyers. A good lawyer will have the skills to analyze problems, look at the details, and propose solutions but cannot guarantee the outcome of a case. Each case is different and there are too many unknown factors, and the unanswered questions.
In a litigation case, the lawyers will tell the customers what they are facing, what the lawyers could do, the best situation and what is worst. Good lawyers will know how to analyze and clarify the issue. Both the client and the lawyer should have a positive attitude to solve the problems in regard to the disputing matters.
The only thing ANT Lawyers could promise in any case is that we will follow the laws of Vietnam.


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